QuickList Connect

Phones are great for retrieving and using information on the move. But even the best smartphone isn't as good as a PC when it comes to entering information.

This is where QuickList Connect comes in. It allows you to create lists on your PC, with a web browser, and use them on your phone. In fact you can modify them on your phone, and on your PC, keeping them synchronized.

QuickList Connect is much more than a simple To-Do list. It can hold multiple lists structured in an hierarchical manner.

The power of QuickList Connect comes from the combination of its various features, as this Shopping List Example illustrates.

Some of the features of QuickList Connect:

  • All your lists in one place. No more loosing bits of paper.
  • Fast entry on your PC. Synchronize to use on your phone.
  • Lists are hierarchical, e.g:
    • Shopping List has a section for each aisle, eg Fruit and Veg, Bread, Toiletries.
    • Christmas present list has a section for each person.
  • Easy to edit. Lists can be copied and merged. Entries can be moved up and down.
  • Your data is securely held on our servers. It is encrypted using AES before it leaves your phone, or web browser.

But whether its ideas, tasks, shopping, or any other data that you want to hold in a structured way QuickList Connect is the tool for you.

The app runs on Android phones, and most phones that support the Java ME/MIDP 1.0 profile.