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DataStore Errors

Namespace: Semata.DataStore


Code Description
1100 AssociationType is invalid for an Item of this type
1101 Association of this type cannot be created between these Items
1102 Association already exists
1103 Association does not exist
1200 AttributeType is invalid for an Item of this type
1201 Value is of the wrong type for this AttributeType
1205 Only valid for strings
1700 Connection in use
1701 Wrong connection
1901 Only one connection allowed
2000 Invalid Licence
2002 Not licenced
2101 Invalid handle
2102 Handle wrong type
2103 Handle Object deleted
2300 Iterator done
3000 Invalid name
3103 Packet deleted
3900 ItemType has Items
3901 ItemType has AttributeTypes
3902 ItemType has AssociationTypes
3903 ItemType with this name already exists
3904 AttributeType with this name exists
3905 AssociationType with this name exists
3906 ItemType does not exist
4000 AttributeType has Items
4002 AttributeType does not exist
4100 Association type has items
4101 Association type does not exist
4102 Associate of this Item type already exists
4103 Associate of this Item type does not exist