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Allows selection of object in associated Selector


Name Description

An Implementation of ICommand


EditableDataManager manages the currently selected IEditableData object.

The object itself is accessed throught the property Data.

It allows: the object to be edited and deleted; a new object to be created; and a edits to be cancelled.

It provides commands that can be bound to to do this, or the methods themselves can be called.

It coordinates with the SelectorDetailSource to prevent the selected item being changed will edits are active.


Calls Validate() on the currently edited IEditableData object


Checks the value for null


Negates boolean binding


Aggregates all the objects of a multibinding into an array


SelectorDetail is a WPF control designed to provide Master/Detail coordination between a Selector control, whose Items implement IEditableData, and a set of controls that allow the particular item selected to be edited.

The SelectorDetail instance needs to be an ancestor of the Selector and the controls that provide for editing.

It should have its DataContext set to an instance of a SelectorDetailSource.

The child Selector and editing controls can then bind to the properties of the SelectorDetailSource.


The purpose of SelectorDetailSource is to act as the DataContext for a SelectorDetail. It provides access to a CollectionView through the property SelectionSource, and to a EditableDataManager through the property Detail.


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