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SelectorDetailSource(object, Func<object, IEditableData>, Func<IEditableData, bool>, EditableDataManager.EditingMode) Method

API Reference

Namespace: Semata.ControlsCLR

Class: SelectorDetailSource

Construct a new instance of SelectorDetailSource.

When cancelling edits, displays a dialog asking if ok to cancel.

public  SelectorDetailSource(object source, Func<object, IEditableData> getDetailData, Func<IEditableData, bool> isOkToSave, EditableDataManager.EditingMode mode)


Type Name Description
object source An object can provide an ICollectionView.
Func<object, IEditableData> getDetailData A delegate that, when passed an object, returns an IEditableData based on that object.
Func<IEditableData, bool> isOkToSave A delegate that, when passed an object implenting IEditableData, returns true if it is ok to save that object.
EditableDataManager.EditingMode mode The editing mode.

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