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DataStore Exceptions

Namespace: Semata.DataStore


Name Description
AssociateAlreadyExistsException Associate of this Item type already exists
AssociateDoesNotExistException Associate of this Item type does not exist
AssociationAlreadyExistsException Association already exists
AssociationDoesNotExistException Association does not exist
AssociationTypeDoesNotExistException Association type does not exist
AssociationTypeHasItemsException Association type has items
AssociationTypeWithThisNameExistsException AssociationType with this name exists
AttributeTypeDoesNotExistException AttributeType does not exist
AttributeTypeHasItemsException AttributeType has Items
AttributeTypeInvalidForItemException AttributeType is invalid for an Item of this type
AttributeTypeWithThisNameExistsException AttributeType with this name exists
ConnectionInUseException Connection in use
FileCreateException Represents an error occurring attempting to create a file
FileOpenException Represents an error occurring attempting to open a file
HandleObjectDeletedException Handle Object deleted
HandleWrongTypeException Handle wrong type
InternalErrorException Represents an error occurring during DataStore processing
InvalidAssociateForItemException Association of this type cannot be created between these Items
InvalidAssociationTypeForItemException AssociationType is invalid for an Item of this type
InvalidHandleException Invalid handle
InvalidLicenceException Invalid Licence
InvalidNameException Invalid name
ItemTypeDoesNotExistException ItemType does not exist
ItemTypeHasAssociationTypesException ItemType has AssociationTypes
ItemTypeHasAttributeTypesException ItemType has AttributeTypes
ItemTypeHasItemsException ItemType has Items
ItemTypeWithThisNameAlreadyExistsException ItemType with this name already exists
IteratorDoneException Iterator done
NotLicencedException Not licenced
OnlyOneConnectionAllowedException Only one connection allowed
OnlyValidForStringsException Only valid for strings
PacketDeletedException Packet deleted
TransactionAlreadyStartedException Transaction already stared
ValueInvalidForAttributeException Value is of the wrong type for this AttributeType
WrongConnectionException Wrong connection