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ItemType Class

Namespace: Semata.DataStore

Defines the information that can be held against an Item: Its Attributes, and the other Items with which it can form an Association. Each ItemType has a name.

public interface class ItemType


Name Description
AddAssociationType(String^, String^, ItemType^, String^, String^) Creates an Association Definition
AddAttributeType(String^, String^, ValueType^) Creates as AttributeType
CreateItem() Creates a new Item of this ItemType
Delete() Deletes the ItemType
GetAssociationType(String^) Gets as AssociationType by name
GetAssociationTypes() Gets all the AssociationTypes for the ItemType
GetAttributeType(String^) Gets as AttributeType by name
GetAttributeTypes() Gets all the AttributeTypes for the ItemType
GetConnection() The current Connection
GetDescription() Gets the Description of the ItemType
GetItemById(ItemId^) Gets an item by its id Item
GetItems() Gets all the Items of this ItemType
GetName() Gets the Name of the ItemType
SetDescription(String^) Sets the Description of the ItemType
SetName(String^) Sets the Name of the ItemType