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AssociationType Class

Namespace: Semata.DataStore

Defines the Associations that an Item can make. The AssociationType has a name and defines a set of other ItemTypes. An Association of this type can be with any Item of one of the types in the set.

public interface AssociationType


Name Description
AddAssociate(ItemType, string, string) Adds another ItemType to the set defined by this AssociationType
Delete() Deletes this AssociationType
GetAssociate(ItemType) The AssociationType of the associated ItemType
GetAssociates() The ItemTypes, with which an Item of this type can form an association. It actually returns a collection of AssociationTypes
GetConnection() The current Connection
GetDescription() Gets the Description of the AssociationType
GetItemType() The ItemType to which this AssociationType belongs
GetName() Gets the Name of the AssociationType
SetDescription(string) Sets the Description of the AssociationType
SetName(string) Sets the Name of the AssociationType