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ItemType Class

Namespace: Semata.DataStore

Defines the information that can be held against an Item: Its Attributes, and the other Items with which it can form an Association. Each ItemType has a name.

public interface ItemType


Name Description
AddAssociationType(string, string, ItemType, string, string) Creates an Association Definition
AddAttributeType(string, string, ValueType) Creates as AttributeType
CreateItem() Creates a new Item of this ItemType
Delete() Deletes the ItemType
GetAssociationType(string) Gets as AssociationType by name
GetAssociationTypes() Gets all the AssociationTypes for the ItemType
GetAttributeType(string) Gets as AttributeType by name
GetAttributeTypes() Gets all the AttributeTypes for the ItemType
GetConnection() The current Connection
GetDescription() Gets the Description of the ItemType
GetItemById(ItemId) Gets an item by its id Item
GetItems() Gets all the Items of this ItemType
GetName() Gets the Name of the ItemType
SetDescription(string) Sets the Description of the ItemType
SetName(string) Sets the Name of the ItemType