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AssociationType Class

Namespace: Semata.DataStore

Defines the Associations that an Item can make. The AssociationType has a name and defines a set of other ItemTypes. An Association of this type can be with any Item of one of the types in the set.

public interface class AssociationType


Name Description
AddAssociate(ItemType^, String^, String^) Adds another ItemType to the set defined by this AssociationType
Delete() Deletes this AssociationType
GetAssociate(ItemType^) The AssociationType of the associated ItemType
GetAssociates() The ItemTypes, with which an Item of this type can form an association. It actually returns a collection of AssociationTypes
GetConnection() The current Connection
GetDescription() Gets the Description of the AssociationType
GetItemType() The ItemType to which this AssociationType belongs
GetName() Gets the Name of the AssociationType
SetDescription(String^) Sets the Description of the AssociationType
SetName(String^) Sets the Name of the AssociationType