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GetItemObjectCollection(ItemObjectSource<I>^, bool, bool, bool, bool) Method

API Reference

Namespace: Semata.DataStore.ObjectModel

Class: Association<I>

Returns an ItemObjectCollection that allows the items with which this Item is associated to be iterated through and items to be added and removed from this association

ItemObjectCollection<I>^ GetItemObjectCollection(ItemObjectSource<I>^ source, bool addNew, bool add, bool remove, bool deleteOnRemove)


Type Name Description
ItemObjectSource<I>^ source The source of the ItemObjects
bool addNew If true ItemObjectCollection.AddNewItemObject() will create a new ItemObject using call to creator(), and then add it to the Assocation
bool add If true ItemObjectCollection.AddItemObject() will add the passed ItemObject to the Assocation
bool remove If true ItemObjectCollection.RemoveItemObject() will remove the passed ItemObject from the Assocation
bool deleteOnRemove If true, and remove is true, ItemObjectCollection.RemoveItemObject() will delete the passed ItemObject from the Association, and delete it.

Returns: ItemObjectCollection<I>^

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